New Images

 The Wilkes Collection

It was Thoreau that thought that it would be a great miracle to "look through each other's eyes for an instant." Each image in this collection is a perspective on what can be seen or not. It is inspired by someone else who could have written those exact words.

 "Could a greater miracle take place than for each of us to look through each others eyes for an instant?"  Thoreau


The Enchanted Forest Collection

There's a secret life under the tall pines, the forest and the trees; A gentle woods, a path to find, under the tall pines; A simpler life, a quieter time, hidden in the woods, under the tall pines.                                                              J.Biondolillo

 "...the woods are lovely, dark and deep..." Robert Frost

 "Keep to the pathway he advised, for the woods are more than they might seem."    Heart


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