This page updated 9/15/20 

* Gentle Surrender of the Wilkes Collection currently in the Art League of Hilton Head for Earth to Sky Exhibition was just awarded second place. The image will remain on exhibit until September 26, 2020.

*Coming October 15 - November 29, 2020, three works will be a part of the Inspirational Journey Exhibition at the Vendue Art Hotel in Downtown Charleston. The works include: The Wayward Inn of the Wilkes Collection, Once Upon a Time of the Abandoned Lives II Collection and By the Fireplace of the Abandoned Lives Collection.

*Joanna Biondolillo continues to serve on the Board of Directors for the National Association of Women Artists.

*While the 2020 Art Fields competition has been cancelled due to Covid-19, When I Was a Child, a Photo-documentary on Homelessness Across America featuring the image: America: The Throw Away Society will be resubmitted for 2021. 

*2021 Collection Forgotten Lives and The Floral Collection II will be released in February.

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