About Us and The Artist

Image Merchants began with an unlikely Christmas gift. In 1989, Joanna Biondolillo was given a Minolta 370X for Christmas by a friend who had seen her art work. Until then Joanna had dabbled in textiles, weaving and some drawing. “I didn’t know it at the time, but photography would change the course of my life.” Back then film was our means of capturing an image.  Photographs were still developed in the dark room and photographers were taught that their job was to document the reality in front of them.

Joanna began her career as a portrait photographer in Austin, Texas but now works almost exclusively in landscape and travel photography. Although digital technology has taken over the imaging industry, Joanna does not alter her images. As a film trained photographer, she still uses a hand-held light meter. “You can’t change the reality of what is. Even though I now use a digital camera, I still photograph the reality in front of me and present it as I have photographed it. Old fashioned or not, I still believe in the integrity of my photographs.”

"Photography is about capturing the light, listening to the landscape, collecting the silence and documenting what is."