About Us and The Artist

Joanna Biondolillo began her career as a portrait photographer in Austin, Texas but now works almost exclusively in landscape photography and the photo-documentary. "Landscape photography is what I do to make a living. Photo-documentaries are what I do to try to make a difference." 

While home base is on Johns Island, South Carolina, Joanna's work has taken her all over the United States and abroad. Her favorite images are those she finds off the beaten path, often searching for days or weeks for just the right image in the right light.

Although digital technology has taken over the imaging industry, Joanna does not alter her images. As a film trained photographer, she still uses a hand-held light meter. “You can’t change the reality of what is. Even though I use a digital camera, I still photograph the reality in front of me and present it as I have photographed it. Old fashioned or not, I still believe in the integrity of my photographs.”

Joanna is an award winning photographer, whose documentary work has received numerous awards including Best Cultural Commentary. She is also a three time competitor in the renowned ArtFields competition.

"Photography is about capturing the light, listening to the landscape, collecting the silence and documenting what is."

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