Thank You Folly Beach Art Guild February 14 2012, 0 Comments


Once in a while if we are fortunate, we will encounter a group of people, who are accepting, fun, charitable and just plain fine to be around. The Folly Beach Art and Crafts Guild is just such a group. They are an amazing group of artists who create glass blown beads, exquisite pottery, wonderful oil paintings, water colors, photography and a host of crafts too many to mention. But what makes the Folly Guild, a guild like no other is their generous spirit. They don’t look at other members as potential “competition” but lovers of art and “Wow, did you make that? It is wonderful!” And, “You won that competition, good for you!” They are about the business of sharing their talents and enjoying the success of their guild members. (Yes, they do want to make money!)

Our art shows are a kick! I remember when I first joined, I was concerned that being alone would be a problem because sometimes getting a tent set up by yourself can be a bit trying, not to mention getting all of your work set up. But at the Folly Guild, no-one goes without help. Others always makes themselves available if you need them too. Often someone has baked or brought goodies. We watch out for each other when we need to grab food at the local Subway. And at the end of the day, no-one is left behind.

Folly has always had a reputation for being sort of a come as you are party, a laid back relaxed place. Perhaps it is something in the sea air. Perhaps these folks have figured out that kindness and calm go a long way.Whatever it is, the Folly Guild has been a point of inspiration and just a fun, inviting group of people to work with and be a part of.

As our new season takes off with Folly Gras this Saturday, February 18, 2012, I would like to thank the guild for being such a memorable group. I wish you all a fabulous art season!