Some Images Weren't Meant to be Photographed March 21 2009, 0 Comments

I love daylight savings time. I love long days and short nights. I love having the flexibility to shoot in the early morning but also to have extended time in the early evening. As we have just shifted to daylight savings time, the morning light doesn’t arrive until 7:00 am. Given my schedule, that could mean I am missing an opportunity to take some beautiful photographs or does it?

The other day I was out for my run and given the change to daylight savings time, the sun was not up yet. I noticed as I did the day before, several deer feeding and playing in a nearby field in my neighborhood. With virtually no light, they did not notice me immediately. The grazed, frolicked, a white tailed doe, showed affection for her fawn. As they became aware of my presence, they took off in an instant; their graceful legs lifting them over fences and into the woods. “Hardly time for a long exposure,” I said to myself.
I continued on. A fox, standing in the road, a road with no street lights, turned and stared at me. I could not tell whether it was a Grey fox or red. He simply sauntered across the road and he too disappeared into the woods.

I continued to listen to the rustling sounds, ever mindful that an alligator may appear out of the marsh. But I did stop at the sight of the beautiful Heron. I watched like a child, hopeful, expectantly. I watched as though glued to a television show that I had been waiting weeks to see but would only be on for a few minutes. The moon light was peaking through the clouds and was the only reason I could see those otherwise allusive creatures. No use of a tripod, long exposure or combination was going to allow me to photograph what I had been observing.

And then I thought, well, some images aren’t meant to be photographed. Some are just meant to be enjoyed in secret.