The Modern Marvel of Modern Postcard February 12 2009, 0 Comments

Back in the mid 1990’s, I was toying with the idea of having my photographs printed as note cards. Back then both color and black & white prints were still created from negatives crafted in the darkroom. I had no experience with this type of commercial printing and had no idea where I would even begin to look for short runs of art work. By chance, or perhaps not, I was in an office somewhere in Austin, Texas. I picked up a postcard that was lying about on a table. The back of the card read, “Modern Postcard.” I called the 800 number on the card and Sharon pleasantly greeted me and began to tell me about what services Modern Postcard could provide. Since back then we did not upload, and she said she would be happy to have me send my work to her, I decided to send a few photographs to Sharon and see what might come of it.

A few days later, my fax machine went off and a black and white proof from Modern Postcard came through. As difficult as it was to get a good look at the image that was to be printed in color, the proof was really sufficient enough that I knew I had found the right company to recreate my work as note cards. A week later several boxes showed up at my door and now more than ten years and more than a 100 jobs later, Modern Postcard is still producing my note cards.

I have never been to their manufacturing plant in Carlsbad, California. I have never seen the folks that handle my work, although the same team always does. Paul has been checking my color for more than ten years. Even though Sharon was promoted, she made sure that my work was assigned to another team so that the same folks always take care of me.

When uploading became the way to send images, Alana walked me through the process for the first time. I couldn’t imagine! The patience she had! I was used to darkroom prints, negatives or slides. Uploading??? I still send images on a disc and draw diagrams of how I want everything to look! Rebecca, my team leader, is wonderful about my old fashioned ways. I think sometime soon however, I will surprise her and upload!(Well, I am going to give it some thought anyway!)

This week two new cards arrived as a part of our work to be released this spring. I opened the boxes and as usual, perfection! I work in RGB. They work in CMYK. They employ artists. I receive quality Made in America! I love working with my team and extended team at Modern Postcard. They enjoy what they do. They are wonderful at it and they care about what MY work looks like when the job is done. I have said for years that receiving a new box of note cards from Modern Postcard is like receiving a Christmas present.

Sharon and I used to talk about Modern Postcard saying that is a well oiled machine. If ever there were a business model to follow, Modern Postcard is it. I think I was told that this company started in the owner’s garage…