Technology Trauma July 10 2012, 0 Comments


Moving professional photographic equipment across the country, essentially my entire studio, was enough to make me want to drive at 20 miles an hour and keep a bottle of Valium close by. Packing printers that are as long as I am tall and loading up computers, hardware, cords, etc…was probably the only portion of moving that made me want to seek therapy before, during and after I did it! But once I pulled into my new studio with all intact, I breathed a huge sigh of relief…I breathed too soon!!

Shortly after setting up my equipment which included a new Epson printer and another computer, I thought I was home free. Then the B&H catalog arrived and the following fiasco ensued. I knew Canon was coming out with an upgrade to the 1DS camera series and several other cameras in the 35mm division. What I did not know, at least until I opened the summer catalog, was that the new 5D Mark III was coming out. Instantly, I was on the phone with B&H trading up my Mark II so I could order the Mark III. I have learned that if you do not trade within a year of an upgrade, you camera value often drops significantly. When the camera arrived, of course it did not work with Photoshop CS5 so I got online paid and downloaded CS6 which of course didn’t work…so then I spent two hours a with a lovely person from Adobe in the Philippines downloading the next upgrade which will now allows my new camera to be recognized. (Actually, she was very patient and spoke English well. A God send!)

I then tried several test prints with my new printer. But wait! It isn’t printing correctly. I check and recheck my settings for my printing profiles. All set correctly but now five, yes, five nozzles aren’t printing. I of course call Epson. Thank God they are in America! I get some really fine gentlemen on the phone who works hard to help me but after a while suggests that we swap the printer out. I of course want a brand new one. Even though I bought this printer several months ago, I have never taken it out of the box in anticipation of the move. They want to send me a refurbished one…..I talk with someone else who has no business being in “CUSTOMER SERVICE “and I finally said, "You are failing miserably to represent Epson well in any way, shape or form." She put me on hold. Believe me it was for the best!

Then, an angel of mercy is put on the phone and after two hours, a new, yes new printer will be sent overnight in exchange for the printer I have. That is the Epson customer service I am use too after nearly 20 years and the woman on the phone was so wonderful, I wanted to cry. So, I have the printer delivered to a friend’s because there is no way a delivery truck will ever find me let alone be able to take an 18 wheeler down the single lane dirt road where my studio is located. He arrives a day late and we load the printer into my vehicle where yet another friend helps me unload it back at my studio at “No Address Required.”

Are you still with me??? I get the printer hooked up and now I think I am ready to go…not quite. My monitor calibration is really off. So I boot up my Eye One but alas, the new operating system on the computer does not recognize this software! My version has been discontinued. Did I mention that in the midst of all this my niece is flying in from NY to have her senior portraits done and my business partner is in ICU???

With my niece arriving in another day, I make sure that my back up systems are in perfect working order along with my two other Epson’s… (I really do love Epson printers with a passion!) and I spend the next week with my beautiful niece and sister. With them on their way back to NY, I order the new version of Eye One and it arrives the afternoon before I take off to see how my business partner, now out of the hospital, is doing.

I will be home in a couple of days and hopefully, with any measure of luck download the new software, calibrate my monitor and getting back to what I do best…”capture the light, listen to the landscape, collect the silence and document what is.”