New Year...New Camera...More Goals December 31 2008, 0 Comments

With every decade the time passes more swiftly than with the decade before. My favorite Social Studies teacher in high school used to say we plan by the week, in college we would plan by the semester, in our 20’s we would plan by the year and by our forties we would be planning for the long haul. He was right. Yet at the end of every year, I take stock of what has just past, and I write out what I want to accomplish in the first 90 days of the new year and then for the year as a whole. As I approach my mid forties, I feel the press of time when I consider how much is still on my life list of things to do, see, and accomplish. I am ever more aware that time does not stand still or even pause. I awaken each day by 4:00 am and feel like I am running behind all day if I sleep in until 6:30 am as I did today. I want to grab my camera and be out in the world, afraid of missing even a moment.

Yet, increasingly I find that my time is absorbed in keeping my head above water with the paper work of my business, the emails, phone calls, product development; the list goes on. I spend hours working with new technology playing catch up with downloads and upgrades.

I want to get back to a simpler time. I want to be able to turn off the cell phone without fear of missing out on a job opportunity. I want my Blackberry to stop vibrating. This year has been a tough year in the world of art as it has been in many other parts of the economy. But it is what it is. So with my new Canon 5D Mark II in hand, I have my sights on some new goals but also some old goals with new purpose for the coming year.

In 2009…
I will spend more time in the field. Here in the Low Country, we begin our year with camellias in January. Magnolia Plantation has entire gardens filled with the most beautiful camellias I have ever seen. This will be followed by our azalea season. Then bloom the magnolias, day lilies, crape myrtles, and roses, all presenting in turn a rich display of colorful flora. My goal is to be out two days a week, with a third available for particular peaks in foliage. There will be no cell phone, Blackberry or any other communication device with me during my shooting time.

On the business side that keeps me indoors, I plan to make ten new cold calls per week sharing some of our specials and highlighting new products and images. I am going to keep up with my Scribd account and my Flickr account.

I am going to take a breath, smell the sea air, and feel the sun warm my face. I may even get a sun tan! I am not going to race through my day. I will leave that for my morning run. I am going to sit when I eat. I am going to finish a whole cup of coffee while it is still hot. I am going to say “Thank You” more. I am going to take a vacation. I am going to carry my camera around the way I did when I first started as a photographer. (I never left the house without it!) I am going to pay it forward.