A Pic a Day Will Improve your Photography September 30 2008, 0 Comments

One of the benefits of shooting digital photography is that it no longer costs a great deal of money to learn. That is, you can shoot hundreds and hundreds of photos without breaking the bank to “develop” the images. If one of your priorities is to create better photographs, there is one sure way to do that, shoot, shoot, shoot. But your shooting time needs to be focused and measured. Photographing an image a day will dramatically improve your abilities.

Choose a subject. Staying focused on a particular topic is necessary. There are too many distractions once you are in the field, so choose a topic or subject before heading out.

Keep a notebook. A small spiral memo pad will work just fine. Write down the camera settings you use to take each image. Then, change the settings. If you are shooting f-8 at 125, change the f-stop to f-5.6 at 125 and then to f-11 at 125. This is called bracketing. Bracketing will allow you to see your subject at different exposures. This process generally ensures your shot and teaches you to correctly choose how much light should be used for different lighting conditions.

Also, change the color temperature. Most SLR’s will have a custom function allowing you to set the color temperature you want. This also allows you to see your subject with different tonal qualities. Repeating these simple steps will help you to nail down how much light a subject needs in different lighting conditions.

Use a tripod whenever possible. Digital is less sharp than film. Eliminating even the smallest camera shake will allow you to see an amazing difference in your images.

Once you have begun shooting your subject, don’t edit. Leave all of the images you shoot until you are able to view them. Then, you will see the difference in exposure, color, and sharpness. You can create a chart of comparison, noting what qualities you like and don’t like.

So much of an image is subjective but the basics have not changed. Exposure, color temperature, composition are all necessary ingredients for a professional photograph.