Why You Should Support Your Local Artists September 30 2008, 0 Comments

Art calms the soul, lifts the spirit, brightens a weary world. Imagine if you walked into your house and all photographs, paintings, sculptors, and tapestries were gone. What if every magazine was stripped of its images? Have you ever thought about watching a movie or television show without music? What would a trip to the museum be like if these treasures were suddenly gone?

Yet, as soon as we have a downturn in the economy, many abandon the world of the artist as if it has no impact upon their lives. While it may be necessary to cut back spending, there are ways to support your local artists, so that they too can keep working.

The fall is a terrific time of year for art and craft shows. Many artists depend on the money they make at these shows to get them through the off seasons. These shows are a wonderful opportunity to get your holiday shopping started. You will be able to find many one of kind items. Milling about these craft shows can be a fun way to spend the day, while supporting artists in your community.

Many towns and cities have an artist guild. These organizations will have a list of local artists, and a calendar of up coming art shows/sales posted on their websites. Sometimes, local book stores will have various artists work on display. This may be a great way to find a fine piece of art for your office or home.

You can also look on the internet. Log on to: local artists and include the name of your town or city. For example: local artists Charleston, SC. This will pull up artists in your area.

Try an experiment. Remove all art from your home. Remove all magazines, coffee table books, photographs, sculptors, wallpaper from your computer, etc… watch a movie without sound. Cover your sofa if it has a pattern in it. After all, an artist designed it. Do your rugs have a design woven into them? Roll them up. What does removing and covering all of the art do to the comfort and feel of your home? If you have a family, what is their reaction when they see the difference for the first time? Could you live this way for a week, a month? Try it. How long can you last? Still think you can live without art?