Getting Ready For Those Holiday Photographs August 31 2008, 0 Comments

While it is barely September, it is time to take a look at your camera equipment in anticipation of the holidays! Unlike cleaning a conventional camera, digital cameras need to have their sensor cleaned! Some SLRs have a self-cleaning mode. However, I do not use them. I recommend sending your camera to the manufacturer for service. If you own a Canon, this will be no problem! They truly work to have excellent customer service.

I send my cameras in three to four times a year for sensor cleaning and a “head to toe” check up! The manufacturer not only cleans my camera but checks for other potential problems caused by continuous use. My cameras are then returned to factory specifications, so that everything will be reset just as it was when I first purchased the camera. In some cases, this service may extend your cameras warranty. (You will need to check with your manufacturer.)

If you are looking for a new camera for the holidays, Canon Power Shots are the best “point and shoots” on the market. Two cameras you might consider looking at are the Canon Power Shot A570 and the A720.

The A570 is a 7.1 mega pixel camera that has a 4x zoom with red eye reduction and image stabilization. At last check the cost was around $154.95.

The A720 is an 8 mega pixel camera with a 6x zoom, red eye reduction, and image stabilization. This camera runs about $195.95. Both cameras run on AA batteries.

Any of the Canon models will perform well and you will want to research each model that you are considering. Once you have decided on what features you would like on your camera, what types of images you want to capture, and your price point, Canon can offer a camera to match your needs!

So get ready!! The holidays are around the corner!