The Trade Show That Teaches August 30 2008, 0 Comments

On October 23rd, 24th, & 25th, the best photographic trade show on the east coast is going to take place. It is the Photo Plus Expo at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City. The traditional displays and latest photo technology is all there to see; every new piece of software, new digital camera, printers, video, the works. But what makes this trade show for me, are the workshops. This is an opportunity to spend three days learning from some of today’s top photographers and marketers on topics that are relevant to your work.

The categories for this years Expo include: Lighting, Photo Markets, Marketing, Technically Speaking, Input/Output, Photoshop & Color Management, Workflow, and Hands On, just to name a few. Within these categories, are workshops sponsored by The Santa Fe Workshops, Canon, Epson, Adobe, all leaders in the digital world.

If I were creating a schedule of workshops for myself, and I wanted to include one from each category, I would choose the following:

I would sign up for a session, workshop, with Bobbi Lane. She has worked all over the country, has a studio in Connecticut and among the many places she teaches, she teaches at the Maine Photographic Workshops. Her work is outstanding and she really seems to enjoy helping others make the most of their work.

I would look for Chris Rainer. His workshops are easy to follow and he shares relevant, informative in formation.

Photo Markets
I might look for a panel discussion. This broad topic can yield many opinions and it is always interesting to watch those directly involved, interact with one another, (sometimes they are direct competitors on the panel). Photographic markets continue to change rapidly with technological advancement, and I prefer to get more than one persons perspective on the current trends.

Sign up for a workshop with Debra Weiss. She is very experienced, and gives specifics about how to market yourself and your work. She will offer information about what to do and how. She will also tell you what NOT to do!! Very important!

Technically Speaking
Without a doubt, sign up with Stephen Johnson. The man knows everything…well close to it. He can offer information that I have heard no other offer and not because others don’t know it, but because he has helped to create it. Big difference! He has more technical info to offer than one can absorb in a workshop. Bring your notebook! Take more than one workshop.

Again, Stephen Johnson has helped design software programs and worked with the folks who have transformed the photographic industry. He would be my choice for this category as well.

Color Management and Workflow
I would sign up for workshops with John Paul Caponigro> His work is known around the world. He teaches at some of the best photographic schools in the country. He is well worth your time. Again bring a notebook!

The people I have chosen are not the only ones I could have chosen, but they are among the very best. And that is what you want, to learn form the best, people who bring integrity to their work and who are willing to share what they know with others. This Expo is far from just a trade show!