Angel Oak Image to Be Retired July 12 2011, 0 Comments

 After many years of selling my Angel Oak image, I have decided to retire the image on February 28, 2012. It is both with relief and sadness that I do so. This image has proven to be one of the most popular images I have sold not only in Charleston but around the country. However, the many attempts to steal this image have made it necessary for me to make this decision. I have received phone calls from Wal-Mart as folks have tried to make copies of the image, found the image on other websites (which were promptly removed), have had folks try to take a photo my photo, and even had someone try to trace my photograph in an effort  to pass it off as their "drawing". 

All of my images are copyrighted. Any effort to copy, reproduce  or use one of my images in any way is illegal and we do pursue legal action vigorously. Obviously, efforts to stop all theft is difficult. That being the case, this wonderful image will be among my archives in just months. I will maintain beginning March 1, 2012 the last 500 numbered and signed 12x18 prints in color and black and white on this website only.

I often wonder what folks are thinking when they take something that is not theirs. I have spent the last 21 years developing my skill and waiting for the light to capture the perfect image. I still do not alter my work with any software. I still use a hand held light meter. I still spend hours waiting for the light. Attempts to steal anyone's image,  even making a home copy on a computer diminishes an artists work and limits his or her ability to make a living. Beyond that, it is just plain illegal. It is stealing. Think it doesn't matter? It does. Get caught and find out just how much it matters!