Rosebank Farms July 31 2008, 0 Comments

Rosebank Farms is one of the few remaining, family owned, and operated farms on Johns Island, in South Carolina. It is an eclectic gathering of fresh flowers, fruits, vegetables, and baked goods. They have an array of small farm animals, a wonderful source of fascination for children. Rosebank also has a museum dedicated to the work and promotion of local artists. They have festivals throughout the year and on any given day, are showing off their wares to the tourists and locals alike.

I have found this wonderful farm to be engaging. I know of no other working farm that would allow me to meander through acres of roses, dahlias, hydrangeas, blanket flowers and sunflowers for the sake of a photograph. The lettuce, tomatoes, eggplant and basil offer excellent images for kitchens and restaurants. In the fall, pumpkins and gourds of every color and shape will be picked by the hundreds! Rosebank can be photographed to show the splendor of the seasons. Well, all but a snowy winter, of course!

Many of the elegant flower images on our square, velvet lined boxes have been taken at Rosebank Farms. This fall we will add prints and note cards to our Rosebank Flowers collection. So many images in one place…

You may find that a working farm or an outdoor market, is a wonderful place to capture new images. Most cities and towns usually have a “farmers market” one at least one day a week this time of year. Some of the simplicity found in nature provides excellent resources to capture and improve upon your skills as a photographic artist.