The Enchantment of Enchanted Rock July 30 2008, 0 Comments

Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, Yosemite…Some of the best photographers from around the world have been drawn to capture the majestic beauty that lies within their cascading mountains, rivers and vast acres of land filled with wildlife. I too have enjoyed the beauty of some of these wonderful places and I eagerly anticipate photographing those I’ve yet to visit. But I have recently found that some of our smaller state parks have many riches to offer any photographer who wishes to work off the beaten path!

About a year ago, I was visiting friends in the Hill Country of Texas. One morning, I was told that we were going for a ride. I was not told where we were going, only that I should wear shoes with good traction! Thirty minutes later, we arrived at Enchanted Rock State Park. Displayed on the top of these small granite mountains were intricate rock formations with cacti blooming out from under in all directions. One can hike specifically marked trails to the summit or one can climb the rock formations for an amazing view and unlimited photographic opportunities.

Over the past year, I have spent many hours climbing the rock formations just before dawn, and in the late afternoon. The images that I have captured have reminded me of the red rock of the west. The absorption of light into the granite produces a red crimson like color. The weathered rock in all of its forms is a natural for the landscape photographer. Yet, there was a phenomenon that I experienced that limited the types of images I was shooting. The sky was ALWAYS clear and blue! Meaning, the light, unless captured before the sun came over the horizon or just after the sun slipped down at night, was always hard. The shadows were ever present and I was looking for an opportunity to capture images with more atmosphere.

After months of climbing Enchanted Rock, finally, in July, I captured the photos that I had been seeking. Billowing clouds and diffused lighting conditions awaited me as I landed in the Hill Country for another attempt. With my equipment in hand, I photographed the landscape as I climbed, attempting to capture each level of the climb, each perspective of the fascinating rock formations.

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