Revisiting A Few Days of Glory March 24 2011, 0 Comments


It is mid-March and buds are beginning to form. I see them in white, pink, purple and rose red. Yellow pollen covers our piazzas and porches as though someone had taken a container of baby powder and let it explode. It covers everything. The days are warm and nights are still crisp. Heavy dew sits on the ground and on the flower beds in the early morning hours. Still, the blooms pop out one by one.

And then, all at once, we awaken to a symphony of color. In unison, the blooms overflow onto wooden fences. They line streets, alley ways and gardens. They tease the sun as they reach 7 and 8 feet tall. I capture as many images as I can as quickly as I can. Work is constant and fast this time of year. "Capture these beautiful blooms before a hard rain destroys them. Capture them before time takes them." Then the wait begins again for those few days of glory when the azaleas bloom.