Mother's Day...Just Around The Corner April 20 2008, 0 Comments

When I was ten, my father said to me, “Your mother is your best friend.” I didn’t know what he meant by that and I was too embarrassed to say so! As far as I knew, Jackie was my best friend. We went to school together and on Thursdays, I would try to get myself invited to her house for dinner. It was spaghetti night!

My mom is about to turn 72 and she is indeed my best friend. She is a cancer survivor. She is funny and gentle. I enjoy her company. However, we do have gift giving issues! Every mother’s day, and just about any other occasion where she is involved, she will say something like, “Mother’s Day is coming and I don’t need a thing! Save your money.” or “The flowers are beautiful honey, but, they will be dead in a week or so and then you will have spent all that money!” I let her say what she feels so compelled to say. Then I do what I want anyway! It has become a sort of ritual between us. I have, however, learned to do two things:

First, I order her flowers from Chase’s Green House. Their flowers are fabulous. They last longer than any other flowers I have ever bought. Secondly, I give her something that won’t be gone in a week or two! Last year I gave her one of our velvet lined boxes with the magnolia on it. She showed it to everyone she knew. She even took it to other people’s houses! It is now proudly displayed on the coffee table in her living room, a room reserved for company only! This year, I will continue the tradition of Chase’s beautiful flowers but I will also give her our “Sweet Grass” tote. With everyone going green, I can’t let my mom be out of style!

We have many wonderful gifts for mom this year. We will ship anywhere in the USA. We also gift wrap at no additional charge.

Some ideas for those of you who are not so sure what to give mom:

Give a “Blanket in a Bag”. Our throw blankets have lovely images and they come with a matching tote. The blankets are cotton, machine washable. The totes are fully lined. The throws will spice up any room decor. On a cool night, our throws will be just enough for mom to wrap herself in to get the chill out!
Our totes can be used over and over again!

Our Velvet Lined Boxes with Photographic Inlaid Tile are an exquisite gift for any mom! We have three sizes, three shapes and a whole array of images to choose from. These boxes are perfect for keepsakes, and jewelry. They are as elegant on a coffee table as they are on a dressing table.

Another fun gift for mom is one of our gift bags or basket collections. These come with a wide range of products featuring some of our most popular images. From the Premier Gift Baskets to our Oval Lavender Gift Bag, we have something for everyone, and in everyone’s price range. (Gift baskets and gift bags are especially fine for those who do not have a lot of time to assemble or wrap gifts.)

This year, let Image Merchants provide you with a wonderful gift for mom that will last a lifetime! At Image Merchants, we make gift giving an event!