Most of Us Don't Have a Photographic Memory March 16 2008, 0 Comments

Most of us don’t have a photographic memory! We envision things as we believe them to be. But when asked to come up with very specific detail relating to something we have seen, most of us would have trouble recalling with exact precision, what we saw. That isn’t to say that we would not recall some or many of the details but as far as insurance companies go, they want precision, when processing claims. This is where Practical Photography can help.

No matter where you live, you should have photographs of your household contents and any possessions that you have stored off of your primary residence. Having a video of all contents and possessions is also a good idea. You can get the photos you need just by using a small Canon Power Shot camera. You do not need a professional to do this for you.

First, take some general photos of the outside of your house. Take photos of each side of your house; take photos of out buildings and fences. Then, get up close and open doors to out buildings and sheds. Take inventory of what you have. Make a list and then photograph all items. For things like lawn mowers and other equipment, take more than one photo. Take several views. This proves the condition of the items and shows clearly what the items are.

Second, take general room photos in your house. Show the whole room from several angles. Then, and this is going to take some time, open every draw, cupboard, and closet. Photograph up close, every book, CD, photo, appliance, and computer. Photograph all clothes, shoes, toys, silverware, pots and pans, dishes. Be sure that all jewelry and more expensive items are photographed individually. Make lists as you do this. The process as I said will take time. For those who are pack rats, this may be particularly time consuming. It is not enough to take pictures of boxes. You have to be able to prove what is in the boxes. Very expensive items should be listed on your insurance policies. Don’t delay.

After you have captured your images, you should do the following…

Make three copies on CD/DVD. One copy should be placed in a fire box; one copy should absolutely be located somewhere other than your home, perhaps a safe deposit box. The third copy should be within your reach should you have to evacuate your home. It is always nice to have a copy of the photos in an album or at the very least in an envelope that can be accessed easily.

We all clean house…spring cleaning…and we make trips to Good Will and such. As the contents change in your house, so your photos should be updated. Usually, a once a year update is sufficient.

Let your photos be your memory.