Ordinary Places Yield Beautiful Images February 07 2008, 0 Comments

I am always looking for some extraordinary place to go to capture exotic images. My long time dream has been to photograph South Vietnam. I have wanted to go there for as long as I can remember. And yet, I find that some of my most interesting and even treasured photographs have been taken in places right around me. A while back a photographer friend of mine and I were trying to shoot an image a day…that is, a usable image a day! This sounds easy, but capturing just the right shot everyday for six weeks is a challenge. During the first week or so, I went out with intent. Yet, the images I was coming home with were never anything that I had planned. The images of the day seemed to simply present themselves. By the third week, I had stopped going out with intent and just started shooting with happy anticipation. This helped me to do two things. First, I dropped any preconceived ideas about what I “should” be shooting, and secondly, it helped me to see what was really in front of me. Now, I didn’t end up with a photograph a day that I could sell but I did finally realize that there are treasures right in front of us if we simply choose to see them!

Shortly there after, thanks to some friends, I found a lovely town in the hill country of Texas: Fredericksburg. As a former Texan, I love to visit there. It is replete with rolling hills, wild flowers and some of the most interesting shops. The people are friendly there and as an old town outside of San Antonio, its stone buildings and side streets offer much to photograph. On one of my many stays there, I went into a large pottery and garden center. One would not expect this to be a gold mine for photographers, but that is just what it was! The owners were happy to allow me to photograph their vast indoor/outdoor shop. I always check, always ask permission, when on private property! The seemingly ordinary pots, the Texas yard and home attire…I could have spent a week there and yet, not exotic, not half way around the world…

Sometimes the ordinary yields the most beautiful images!

These images coming this spring!