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A wedding is as successful as the planning. It is through careful planning and attention to the details that will make your wedding a success and an experience happily remembered! Traditionally, the bride’s family is responsible for the cost of the wedding, while the rehearsal dinner is the responsibility of the groom’s family. But many brides and grooms are uncertain about some of those wedding details that fall in between the actual wedding and the rehearsal dinner. For example, who receives gifts from the bride and groom? And when do they receive them? Here is some basic information about gift giving that is easy to remember as you plan your special day.

First, let’s clarify who receives gifts. Think of your wedding gift giving as a pyramid. At the top of the pyramid is the mother of the bride, followed by the mother of the groom. These two gifts will be your most expensive and are usually some type of gift basket that contains a highly personalized gift. These gifts are usually given the day before the wedding and can be presented from the bride and groom, but, if given separately, the groom gives the gift to the mother of the bride, and the bride gives the gift to the mother of the groom! These will be the most expensive gifts, and should show both mothers the extent of your love and appreciation not only for them, but for all of their hard work during the wedding planning process.

The second tier of gift giving belongs to both the bride and the groom. The bride is responsible for the gifts for the maid of honor (who I always refer to as the best woman), the bride’s maids, and flower girls. The Groom is responsible for the best man, groom’s men and the ring bearer. The second tier of gifts, given to the best man and maid of honor will be less expensive than the gifts for the mother of the bride and mother of the groom but will cost more than the gifts for the rest of the wedding party. The best man and the maid of honor gifts should reflect the special nature and responsibility of the position that you have invited them to take part in.

The third tier of gifts are for the additional bride’s maids and the groom’s men again, less expensive than the former but still honoring their role in your wedding.

The ring bearer and flower girls finish the fourth tier. This gift is usually a small gift of appreciation appropriate for the age of the child.

The fifth and final tier of gifts is for those guests coming from out of town. Guests that must fly into town or drive more than a couple of hours requiring a stay at a hotel should have a small room gift waiting for them upon their arrival. Hotels are accustomed to placing such gifts in the rooms when they know a wedding is taking place. These gifts do not have to be extravagant. They do need, however, to say, “I am glad that you are here. It matters to us that you are sharing our special day!” After all, these folks have incurred the cost of an airline ticket, gas and a hotel to be with you. You want them to feel welcome!

Use gift baskets only for the mothers of the bride and groom. They are lovely, and wedding vendors sell a lot of them. But if your guests are flying the contents of the gift basket will be removed leaving that $5.00-$15.00 basket behind to be thrown away! Using gift bags will be less expensive and just as beautiful as gift baskets but ensuring that all items can be easily packed into a suitcase!

Also, don’t make the mistake of giving food items. The objective is to give something permanent; a remembrance of your wedding and their trip to your wedding destination. Food gets eaten and some almost always gets left behind. Give something they can take home! Remember, you will be providing wonderful meals at the rehearsal dinner and on the day of the wedding!

Finally, enclose a personalized note in each room gift and in each wedding party gift. You may not have time to get to everyone upon their arrival, but a hand written note will welcome your family and friends and leave a loving impression that will get your wedding off to a great start!

Many of our gifts can be assembled to order so that you can choose the right items for your guests and wedding party members. Browse on line and then call us (843-860-8617) so that we can assist you with personalizing your purchases. If you are getting married in Charleston, SC we will deliver to your hotel. At Image Merchants, we will focus on the details, so you can focus on walking down the aisle!

A wonderful wedding is in the details!