Specializing in Being Versatile January 31 2010, 0 Comments

Photography, like any other profession has specializations. Most schooled photographers will earn their basic degree and then choose an area of specialization. This makes perfect sense when working for an advertising agency, high fashion magazine, or sports team. But for free lance photographers, working knowledge of several areas of photography can mean the difference between working and not working.
I have found that maintaining three very different photographic specializations has served me well.

Portrait photography can be a versatile area in itself. Portraits can range from weddings, children, event photography, corporate photography, pets or individuals. Children present very specific challenges. I have only known two photographers who are what I would call gifted in this extremely challenging area. Likewise, weddings can be rewarding but require basic experience. Those starting out might work with individuals in studio and on location. Studio photography is one of the easiest places to control light and you can build a portfolio rather quickly. Working on location will help you gain confidence when measuring light on location.

Understanding how to photograph a landscape could allow you to find work in travel and tourism. It may also provide you with a solid portfolio of images to offer companies who are in need of images for their marketing materials or websites. The skill itself is enough to get you hired to photograph whatever landscape or cityscape that a company needs.

We are a nation of products. Everyone has some product or service to sell and nearly all want to share those products and services on the internet, television or in the print media. Building a solid product portfolio provides a wide range of employers. Individuals, small businesses and fortune 500 companies are always in need of updating their products, their appeal, their brand.

Your passion may be landscape photography or still life photography but remember, even Mozart gave piano lessons!