There is Nothing Like a Canon November 28 2009, 0 Comments

I am always amazed at how quickly technology changes and how Canon manages to capture it all putting it into smaller and smaller cameras! If you are looking for an easy to use new camera, check out these high tech wonders from Canon…The Power Shot A1100 is a 12 mega pixel camera with 4x optical zoom. The LCD display is 2.5 inches and comes with optical image stabilization. The price tag? $186.00 from B&H Video. Fabulous!

Another option is the Power Shot G10. This amazing camera is 14.7 mega pixels with a 5x optical zoom with a 28-140 mm lens. The LCD screen is 3 inches but the real advantage is that this camera allows you to set your exposure by using a manual mode and it has RAW capture as well as JPEG.This camera also has a E-TTL flash hot shoe and the ISO can be set as high as 1600. Very cool! And the cost? WOW…$489.00 through B&H Video.

If this type of technology is more than you need or you want to work in a lower price range take a look at the Power Shot SD 1200 with accessory kit. This camera is 10 mega pixels with a 3x optical zoom with a 35-105 mm lens. The LCD is 2.5 inches with face detection, optical image stabilization. It comes with a lithium battery, charger and interface cable. Cost? $249.00 from B&H Video.

Finally, if you are looking for a starter 35mm SLR, the Canon Rebel XSI with 18-55mm lens is a great place to start. Canon cameras are designed so that their customers can step up in their progression of cameras. This 12.2 mega pixel camera has a 3 inch LCD and high sensitivity ISO of 1600. It uses Canon EF and EF-S lenses and has a color depth of 42 bit/RGB. It offers picture style settings, RAW and JPEG formats as well as a full range of white balance and exposure modes. This is the natural progression from the Power Shots to the SLR cameras. It costs around $625.00 through B&H Video.

With all of the cameras suggested here, it is best to buy the camera with the accessories. The cost of buying batteries, chargers and straps really adds up if purchased separately. You can’t go wrong with a Canon. After 20 years, I am always waiting for the next Canon upgrade.