Photographing Your Children In Action! August 19 2009, 0 Comments

Now that your children are headed back to school, no doubt they will be involved in soccer, football and many other activities. There isn’t a better time to make use of your digital camera!! Children’s natural expressions of enthusiasm and energy are fun to capture. It is also a wonderful way to add variety to the family photo albums.

A few tips can make all the difference when taking photos of your children in action!! This is one time where I would recommend putting your camera on “P” or “Program.” This will allow your camera to evaluate the whole scene and make a fairly accurate exposure. But be sure to set your white balance. If you are outdoors at soccer practice, and it is sunny, be sure to use the sun icon. If you are in a gym, be sure to look at the lights and choose either the light bulb or the florescent shaped light depending on what is in the gym. A cloudy day outside, gets a cloudy icon and so on.

Once you have chosen those two settings, be sure that your ISO, traditionally known as film speed, is set at, at least 400. Remember, you want to “stop” the action and capture it in your photos. You may even experiment with setting your camera on an ISO of 800 just to see the effects.

Now that your settings are all completed, consider the lens you are using. A 75-300 mm is probably a good bet for this type of shooting. Of course you can get into all kinds of expensive lenses, but a good Canon 75-300 mm is probably all you need. DO NOT USE image stabilization if your lens has this feature. By the time your camera focuses, you will have missed the shot! Image stabilization in the right circumstances is a wonderful tool, but I know that photographing children is not one of those circumstances!

Finally, you might consider setting your camera up on a mono pod. This will allow you to move quickly and keep up with the action of your child, but will also allow you to limit some of the unwanted camera shake that can occur when you are trying to move swiftly to get those wonderful photos of your children!