The Color of Eggs April 29 2009, 0 Comments

White, brown, blue or green, eggs are a fabulous food! Wait. Green eggs? Blue Eggs?...No these eggs are not from the childrens book, “Green Eggs and Ham”. They are not colored Easter eggs and they are not eggs that have been altered in PhotoShop! It is often hard to tell what is real these days. But these eggs are truly the real deal.

While I was in the Hill Country of Texas recently, I ate at a quaint restaurant called the Rathskeller. Jan, one of the servers, has a small farm where she has Olivia, Melinda, Betty and Mrs. Black, her pet chickens. These little ladies lay the most colorful of eggs. Jan generously gave me a dozen of these wonderfully fresh eggs. Taken immediately by the color, I took them home and photographed them. My thought was, “Folks will think these are colored eggs or altered by PhotoShop if they are unfamiliar, as I was, with this breed of chicken.

Fresh Eggs

We have become a society that does not believe what the eyes see. So often I am asked, “Wow, did you do that in PhotoShop? (My answer is ALWAYS “NO!”) I remember a time when we, as photographers were so pleased to capture a scene or a portrait, and there was no question of whether or not it was “real”. Sometimes I think about how severely compromised photography has become in the digital age and especially when my first thought as I take a photograph is, “Folks won’t believe this image is real.”