A Hand Written Note Provides More Than Words March 31 2009, 0 Comments

I almost never comment about how I feel about my work. I have always been uncomfortable in doing so. On rare occasions I discuss my work only with close friends. Sometimes I feel that Meredith, the woman who does my marketing, is constantly having to prep me or push me into talking about my images. Still, not an easy thing to do even with coaching.

Today, I was taking down my exhibit which had been hanging in the Saul Alexander Gallery for the month of March. After loading all of the pieces into my vehicle, I was about to take off when I remembered that I left the “Guest Book” in the gallery. I went back to pick it up. Tonight, I have just opened it to see what thoughts people had as they looked at my work. Reading their comments, I felt like a voyeur peeking in on my own exhibit…but I will share what a few had to offer.

“Really liked your photography. You’re really very good.” Mark

“The clouds are captivating. Your photographs make me feel better. The blahs have been replaced by a flicker of joy.” GAM

“Love that Silver Sands photo. You could get lost in it for hours.” Sarah

“Great use of light.” Cameron

“Beautiful work! The clouds at Enchanted Rock are amazing. I have been there. Thanks for sharing these.”

“Lovely work. Calm. Serene.” Susan

This is why I am a photographer. I want to move the soul, to lift the spirit. Thank you to all who allowed me to share my work and to all who took the time to share your thoughts with me.